Pixillion Premium Edition for Mac


An excellent file converter for Mac


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Pixillion Premium Edition for Mac is a program that lets you convert your files in a simple, quick, and effective way. If you've been looking for a tool to do this, then Pixillion Premium Edition is perfect for you.

The way Pixillion Premium Edition for Mac works is simple. First, you choose the files you want to convert. You can add files individually or entire folders at a time. With an ample variety of supported file types, there's no need to worry about compatibility problems. Next, you need to specify the format you want to convert your files to, and finally, where you want to save them.

Before converting images you can make superficial edits, changing their orientation, changing some of the properties, or adding watermarks. Once you're ready to start the conversion, just press the button and in a matter of seconds all of the converted files will appear in the folder you specified.

Pixillion Premium Edition for Mac is a huge help for converting your files quickly and easily.

Android 2.3 or higher required.

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